Dynamics GP Historical Journal Entry or Posting into the Closed Year

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In Microsoft Dynamics GP in General Ledger you can only enable posting transactions into historical year, but only to the most recently closed one.  Sometimes you may end up in the situation, when you have to redo multiple GL related transaction batches, one of the examples might be multicurrency revaluation routines.  Before we go into the details, it is good idea to think about what supposed to happen when you post transaction into historical year.  In fact, it is not only one, you have at least two records, where the second one is updating historical year Retained Earning account.  Then – what happens when you need to post transaction, theoretically in the historical year, which is prior to the most recently closed historical one?  That's right – you have to design first the adjustment to the retained earning account of the year where you are posting (which might be changed in GL Setup form since then), and then you are adjusting all the following (now closed) historical years retained earnings accounts accordingly.  There is the way in Dynamics GP or older Great Plains Dynamics/eEnterprise versions to reopen as many historical years, as needed, and then compile and post transactions normally.  This routine is possible through direct SQL surgery, this is why we do not recommend you for the Great Plains Select customers (who has Pervasive SQL 2000 or Ctree database platform).  However we do not recommend you to reopen historical year, if you are not a Great Plains consultant, and even when you are, we do not recommend it if you never done it before.  Just to have you some idea about the complexity – you will have to move all historical year related transactions from GL30000 (transaction history table in General Ledger) into GL20000 (GL open year transaction table).  Then as the second step you will have to remove closing year related transaction(s) from GL20000 (they could be filtered by the Journal Type code).  This is not all – you will have to take off Historical Year summaries, change year status (now it is back as Open), etc.  So, in other words, you should expect wide cluster of tables to be involved into Great Plains Historical Year reopening.  We do recommend you better solution, let's review the details:

1. Historical Journal Entry module.  This Dynamics GP Add-ons is programmed directly in Great Plains Dexterity and is available from Alba Spectrum.  Installation is simple, you will need to integrate Dexterity so-called Chunk file and it will update your Dynamics.Set settings.  Plus, in the User Manual there is the procedure to create custom module tables and come through the module setup

2. Entering Historical Year Retaining Earning Account.  As we already mentioned above, we need to know, where to post adjusting transaction, associated with Retained Earnings part.  You will need to specify the historical year RE account in the settings

3. Divisional Close in General Ledger.  The module supports the scenario, If the Close to Divisional Account Segments is marked

4. Security and Access rights.  As it is coded in Dynamics GP Dexterity, security is standard.  It depends if you are on the version 10.0 or 2010/11.0 – if so, new Dynamics GP Security model is in place (Roles, Tasks), otherwise for older versions (9.0, 8.0, 7.5) you have traditional Great Plains security, based on opening forms, tables, reports to the user (might be set unique for each user and company pair) or user class (unique for the user, but the same for all the companies in the Great Plains installation)

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Dynamics GP Historical Journal Entry or Posting into the Closed Year

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This article was published on 2010/12/17