Specialist Conveyancing Versus Your Solicitor

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Selecting a good conveyancer is a significant part which helps to ensure a smooth transaction, no matter you are going to sell or purchase your home. Property selling and purchasing is not a predictable business, particularly in the current economic time, and an area where trying to save money could turn out to be a false economy through ignoring your legal obligations. Lots of cases happen, in which purchasers have reduced corners on their legal as well as conveyancing costs, or saving a few bucks, have lost so much more than that.


For most people, buying a house is the most substantial financial investment they will ever make - and probably one of the most complex (not to mention stressful) processes. That's why it pays to do things properly and engage a solicitor or specialist conveyancer who will guide the client safely through the property buying and selling minefield, help to safeguard their interests and ensure that the conveyancing process runs smoothly and more quickly.


Choose a conveyancer carefully


Some legal firms may claim to provide a comprehensive conveyancing service, but if they are a practice that deals with many different types of legal cases, or offers cheap conveyancing services, they may not have the dedicated people or time, which will ensure that they can provide the best and most efficient conveyancing service possible. So even if you have a family solicitor who you have known and trusted for years, they may not be right for this particular job. A specialist conveyancing firm may be better placed to devote their time and expertise to ensuring that the transaction progresses smoothly, efficiently and as quickly as possible.


Good conveyancers are listed by either The Law Society or The Council of Licensed Conveyancers, and carry professional insurance of at least £1m. A good conveyancer:


• Provides expert advice and guidance that is always in the client's best interests


• Provides support and carries out the conveyancing work efficiently and with accuracy


• Will act in a pro-active manner to move the process on and speed up the transaction


• Will make the client aware of any key events, developments or pitfalls during the transaction process as quickly as possible


• Will track the conveyancing matter 24/7


• Will operate with common sense and good judgement


• Is a good negotiator, experienced in negotiating effectively with other parties


Some conveyancing firms may provide their conveyancing services on a "No Sale - No Fee" basis. This can benefit the buyer or seller because property transactions are highly unpredictable, and if the sale does not go through for any reason, the client will not end up out of pocket. However, a decision should not be made based solely on cost, as these firms may also be the busiest and have the least amount of time to dedicate to the case, which will slow the transaction considerably and cost far more in the long term.


Engaging a specialist conveyancing firm may better protect your interests and your property. It can pay to use the experts who have the time and the specialist experience to provide the best service and the smoothest property transaction possible.


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Specialist Conveyancing Versus Your Solicitor

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This article was published on 2010/05/13